Legal Consultancy Services for Companies

  • Legal Consultancy Services for Companies

    Legal Consultancy Services for Companies

    We provide legal consultancy services to our client companies through our competent and expert consultants, to meet and serve to the all kind of legal needs of our clients, A to Z.  We provide legal consultancy for companies/businesses, especially in Business Law, Commercial Law, Company Law areas, as a part of ‘preventive law’.

    In this context, we provide legal consultancy services to national and international companies in all areas, especially in the following areas:

    Corporate Governance:

    In Soyhan Law Firm, especially our founding attorney-at-law Merve Soyhan who is specialized in this topic academically and profess, we provide services for the establishment and consolidation of the institutional structures for both Turkish companies and foreign companies that wish to open branches in Turkey. In accordance with the capital market rules and the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, we provide the necessary legal guidance for the restructuring of our client companies under the corporate governance principles.

    Data Protection:

    Under the Law on Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698 which came into effect as of 2018, we provide services in the field of compliance of companies with the Personal Data Protection Law, compliance of company documents with the Law, elimination of deficiencies in the company's web sites, and ensuring the liaison and compliance of the company with the  Personal Data Protection Authority. We also provide legal expertise in European Union Data Protection Regulations.

    Law of Contracts:

    In order to maximize the profit rate and to ensure the healthy and effective business life of our client company, from the companies’ lease agreement or real estate purchase agreement, the company's daily, commercial, customer, and supplier activities, relations with its employees and third-party companies that purchases services, dealings with banks and financial institutions,  we follow-up legal works and all kinds of contract services.

    Labour Law:

    Our team provides support to our clients in all their daily needs related to business and labour law. To assist our clients' commercial/business activities, we work with a solution-oriented focus on all legal issues related to employees. We also provide services on variety of topics, such as regulation and termination of employment contracts and non-competition contracts; providing legal support in the process of collective labor agreements/ negotiated termination processes for senior managers; preparing of workplace rules that employees must abide by during their work in accordance with legal legislation and making necessary updates and information in light of legal changes etc.